The world’s first annual festival of folk cinema,

in partnership with the

Scottish Documentary Institute.


Founded by Transgressive North in 2015, each annual edition of the Gathering celebrates the many instances in which the experiences of working-class and indigenous communities have been depicted on the big screen. Exploring the relationships between cinema and other traditional arts (such as oral storytelling and folk song) the Folk Film Gathering explores what a folk cinema has been at various moments throughout world film history, and what shapes it might take in the future.


Friday 25th June - Friday 2nd July 2021

This year, the Folk Film Gathering revolves around a theme of solidarity: exploring both the different stories that distinguish communities in different parts of the world, alongside certain aspects of experience that are shared in common.


In particular, our online programme this year features a series of live conversations between filmmakers from very different parts of the world, who nonetheless also share certain aspects of perspective and approach to filmmaking. As part of these conversations, some of the world’s most significant filmmakers will come together to discuss the possibility of a people’s cinema.

Accompanying these conversations will be an online programme of films from each director which will be available to stream at various points during the festival dates.

Alongside our director conversations and streaming programme, will be a further series of live conversations between musicians from different parts of the world, with connections to the filmmakers. These conversations will feature songs, stories and discussions and will be hosted by the Traditional Music Forum’s David Francis.


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